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The South African Cycling Scene

Nolan Hoffman. Good to see the brother from South Africa out there mixing it up at the Amsterdam Six. He was teamed up with another of the Kreder cycling clan for a decent 10th place overall finish and 114 points. African cycling really has arrived.


Six Days of Gent

The Gent Six, the second race on the Six Day racing calendar, started yesterday. I watched the Amsterdam Six, the first big Six Day race of the season thanks to the wonders of the internet recently. The event was broadcast live on Youtube.com. In HD even! Allow me to humbly apologize to the cycling god’s…


Classic style, classic cycling.

Jean-Pierre Monseré, the man, the myth. At the time the second youngest World Road Racing Champion (Karel Kaers was the youngest; we will discuss him at length another time) he remains the only reigning World Champion to die in a race and his accident marks the official start of the “Curse of the Rainbow Jersey”.…


A brief history and education on Jean-Pierre Monseré

Monseré Designs would not exist were it not for Chris Sidwells and his outstanding article on Jean-Pierre Monseré. Through the wonders of the internet I was able to get in touch with Chris personally and he was kind enough to give me permission to reprint his article here at our little slice of web. IN…

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