Unique in a world of cycling sameness. 

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Classic style, classic cycling.

Jean-Pierre Monseré, the man, the myth. At the time the second youngest World Road Racing Champion (Karel Kaers was the youngest; we will discuss him at length another time) he remains the only reigning World Champion to die in a race and his accident marks the official start of the “Curse of the Rainbow Jersey”.Monsere suit umbrella What strikes me most about Monseré is his sense of humor and style. He took his bike racing seriously but was always up for a laugh. As the great Briek Schotte (another name you will hear more about in these pages) said, “the one thing he could be serious about was his profession.”

Monseré Designs is about cycling and clothing done the old fashioned way. Our clothing is inspired by the days when the only occasion to wear a warm up suit was to actually warm up for an athletic event. In addition, we at Monseré Designs will do our best enlighten our fellow cycling fans, especially the American ones, about the riders, races, and events from the early days of cycling.

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